Small, Sweet Weddings!

Living room weddings are the best!

I recently had the opportunity to join a couple with their parents and young children, as they said their vows in the living room. They asked if I was available and I said yes, a week later, we all gathered together. Tears were shed, sentiments shared, and charcuterie indulged upon! They wanted to keep it simple and we did.

I love it when couples break it down to what matters most: An expression of the love they have and the commitment they share. Simple. The vows flow from here, the celebration is centred on this, and everyone knows they have come together for this purpose. Everything else can be a little topsy-turvy, but the love is at the centre.

So, here is the beautiful centrepiece the bride put together, and here’s to sweet living room weddings!

Congratulations Stacy & Richard!

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