Premarriage coaching?


At my peak of performing weddings as a pastor, we would take couples through roughly 8-10 sessions of premarital counselling. What?! Yes, I said 8-10 sessions. They were mostly enjoyable and spoke to the questions at the heart of the big decision the couple was making. They got to know me and my wife at the time, saw our household as it functioned (warts and all), and felt more and more comfortable as the weeks went by.

Today, our schedules feel a little expedited. Most wedding packages are built around a neat timeline and each element has to fit or it may need to be removed. I like to think I offer a happy medium for most couples that I come in contact with.

So now I offer a shortened version of the same material that I boiled down to it’s essence over my first decade doing weddings. It also incorporates some of the principles I use in my leadership and team coaching for organizations. Many of the same principles apply, even though the setting is a little different.

  1. We all need to know ourselves in order to better connect with those in our circle.
  2. We all need to learn from our origin story as we create the next chapter.
  3. We all need help in learning to communicate.

So those are 3 key areas I start with, and boy do they cover a lot of ground. Couples tend to realize there are many more questions, and deeper conversations to be had, in the process. And that’s the point. Realizing that it is not a quick matter to complete, but rather a conversation that may last a lifetime.

If you would like to talk more about setting up a coaching conversation, just contact me, and let’s talk!

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